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Al Qaffay island, in the UAE, is a private island located 26km off the western coasts of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

At the end of 2016, this island was connected to the mainland electricity grid through a 33kV link. Travocean Middle East performed the submarine cable part of this installation for the account of Al Nasr (contractor) and DEWA (final client).

The submarine cable, 40km long and 14cm of diameter was manufactured in Italy by Prysmian. A freighter, mv Han Yi, transported it to Abu Dhabi where it was transboarded to the 280’ cable laying barge mobilized by Travocean Middle East. In addition to the cable laying equipment, TM04 trenching machine was mobilized onboard this barge. This machine, designed, built and operated by Louis Dreyfus Travocean is able to trench in the hard soils (Calcarenite) of the Arabic Gulf.
In order to guarantee the best progress of the barge and respect the challenging target of our clients to deliver the cable, 3 vessels were mobilized: the Shoalbuster Sea Delta and the 2 multicats Opua and Rebecca S.

The cable installation barge started at the Ras Musharib peninsula close to Sila, where 1600 meters of submarine cable have been pulled to shore in order to reach the substation. After the 40km of cable was laid and buried to the 1 meter target, the operation ended with the beach landing at Al Qaffay. The island representatives have welcomed the arrival of the submarine cable and will soon be able to switch off the generators…

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