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Separate Shore-end ASC

Louis Dreyfus Travocean has launched the new portable DP system in Perth, Western Australia, for the installation of a 10km fiber optic shore end.

This system, suitable for barges from 20 to 50m, was mobilized in Fremantle onboard the Robert Purnell, a local platform of 36 x 16 meters.

Cable was surface laid using dynamic positioning and diver assistance to cross some coral reef.

Post lay burial of 1 meter was performed using TO Mobile, a light rovjet of 400hp specifically design to be operated from a small barge.

Final client, Alcatel Submarine Networks, will shortly connect this segment to the remaining of the ASC system (Australia Singapore Cable).

LDTVO team has played in the difficult and unpredictable weather conditions with the famous sea breeze ‘Fremantle Doctor’.

The portable dynamic positioning system, an innovative solution for submarine cable installation, gave entire satisfaction for this project.


Schedule : February-March 2018


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