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Repair of 2 IFA2000 cables on the beach

In 2018, Louis Dreyfus Travocean completed, on behalf of National Grid and RTE, the repair of 2 of the 8 submarine cables being part of the IFA2000 electrical link between France and England.

The defects concerned 2 cables belonging to National Grid and were located on the beach of Sangatte (France), around 110 m away from the dike. For this project, Louis Dreyfus Travocean chartered 2 jack-up barges in order to be able to work in the tidal zone, as well as several tugs / assistance vessels.

The first barge, the JB-119, was equipped with 2 concentric cable parks containing the 2 spare cable lengths, a cable way, a cable chute, tensioners, repair equipment, a diving spread and accommodations for people on board for this repair.

The second barge, the C-714, was equipped with the ROVJET 605, mobilized to bury the repaired cables in areas with sufficient water depth.


The operations lasted approximately 1 month on site and the electrical link returned to service 100% less than 2 months after the damage.

Schedule: March to early May 2018


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