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HORNSEA 2 – TM05 Trials


Louis Dreyfus TravOcean has been awarded the contract from Seaway 7 for the provision of Offshore Burial Trials of its new TM05 diverless trencher fitted both with cutting wheel and digging chain onboard one dedicated Trenching Support Vessel (TSV) within the frame of the Hornsea 2 Offshore Wind Farm (HOW02) Array Cable Installation and protection project.

The aim and focus of the offshore trials was to prove and demonstrate that the mobilised cable burial spread TM05 (Diverless Crawler fitted with a cutting wheel and/or digging chain) was functional and tested.

Trenching Trials have been done in August 2020 on the HOW02 site.

The burial trials have been conducted with and without cable in 4 areas of various soil conditions which are representative of site conditions and using the 2 different tools (cutting wheel & trenching chain).
Three (3) areas were foreseen for TM05 trench trials in accordance with anticipated ground conditions, an ALARP corridor was provided by the Client and the location were a sufficient distance away from the planned cable route. One fourth area has been added during offshore operations.
A single inter array cable sample 192m long has been supplied for the trial and has been laid then recovered for trenching trials with cable.

• Trials without cable
Burial trials without cable have been done in four (4) locations.
Both cutting wheel and digging chain have been tested and it was expected that each trial run had to be at least 100m in length.

• Trials with cable
Burial trials with cable have been done using the digging chain only in one (1) location.
The 192m section of inter array cable has been laid from the support vessel using hold-back anchors to maintain sufficient bottom tension along the cable sample.
Trial cable has been recovered on board support vessel after completion of the burial trials with cable.

See also our YouTube channel: video about TM05 diverless trencher. Click here.

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SAFANIYA 6 Project

2019 Safaniya 6 LDTVO

TravOcean Middle East LLC (TVOME) has been contracted by MCDERMOTT to provide the Trenching Personnel and Services and carry out submarine cables, flexibles and umbilicals burial services on SAFANIYA field (phase 6).

The SAFANIYA field trenching scope of work (SOW) involved burial from shore approach at 0m LAT up to a water depth of 7.5m LAT.

Trenching works were performed by the Trenching Machine TM03 at minimum 1m burial depth top of product.

For this project, TM03 could have been fitted with 3 different tools depending on the soil conditions and products to be buried:

  1. Cutting Wheel with layer Radius 4m
  2. Cutting Wheel with layer Radius 2.4m
  3. Jetting tool with layer Radius 4m

TM03 spread was supported by the INT 406 fully operated by the client with very shallow draft suitable to work in very shallow water depth.

Schedule: March to July 2019

Scope of work was including the trenching of 10 products.

Learn more on our Projects page here.

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QHSE certifications

We are pleased to announce that Louis Dreyfus Travocean has been awarded not one but two new certifications. The Occupational Health and Safety Management Certification ISO 45001-2018 and the ISO 14001-2015 Environmental Management System Certification.

In addition to a successful transition to the new 2015 version of ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management obtained in September 2018, Louis Dreyfus Travocean is now certified for its integrated QHSE management system on the most recent and recognized ISO management QHSE standards.

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