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BBG FUJAIRAH – Direct shore end in UAE

2016-Fujairah-4BBG is a 9 Segment repeatered cable system that routes from Malaysia to the UAE with a number of landings in Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Oman and UAE.

TravOcean Middle East has been awarded the contract by Alcatel Lucent to provide beach support services for the landing and cable protection works at Fujairah shore end (UAE).

The scope of work was:

  • To perform preparatory works on the beach.
  • To assist the main lay vessel for cable pulling operations – pull the cable from the Main Lay Vessel to the BMH.
  • To perform a post lay diver swim video survey.
  • To bury the cable on the beach as specified using excavators on sand conditions.
  • To install artic pipes and bury the cable at 2m target depth by jetting in soft soil conditions where feasible.
  • To install earth plates systems.
  • To perform a post-burial diver swim video survey.
  • To document the as-laid/as buried position of the cables as required.

These operations were performed between 31st December 2015 and 12th January 2016.