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SAFANIYA 6 Project

2019 Safaniya 6 LDTVO

TravOcean Middle East LLC (TVOME) has been contracted by MCDERMOTT to provide the Trenching Personnel and Services and carry out submarine cables, flexibles and umbilicals burial services on SAFANIYA field (phase 6).

The SAFANIYA field trenching scope of work (SOW) involved burial from shore approach at 0m LAT up to a water depth of 7.5m LAT.

Trenching works were performed by the Trenching Machine TM03 at minimum 1m burial depth top of product.

For this project, TM03 could have been fitted with 3 different tools depending on the soil conditions and products to be buried:

  1. Cutting Wheel with layer Radius 4m
  2. Cutting Wheel with layer Radius 2.4m
  3. Jetting tool with layer Radius 4m

TM03 spread was supported by the INT 406 fully operated by the client with very shallow draft suitable to work in very shallow water depth.

Schedule: March to July 2019

Scope of work was including the trenching of 10 products.

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QHSE certifications

We are pleased to announce that Louis Dreyfus Travocean has been awarded not one but two new certifications. The Occupational Health and Safety Management Certification ISO 45001-2018 and the ISO 14001-2015 Environmental Management System Certification.

In addition to a successful transition to the new 2015 version of ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management obtained in September 2018, Louis Dreyfus Travocean is now certified for its integrated QHSE management system on the most recent and recognized ISO management QHSE standards.

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Repair of 2 IFA2000 cables on the beach

In 2018, Louis Dreyfus Travocean completed, on behalf of National Grid and RTE, the repair of 2 of the 8 submarine cables being part of the IFA2000 electrical link between France and England.

The defects concerned 2 cables belonging to National Grid and were located on the beach of Sangatte (France), around 110 m away from the dike. For this project, Louis Dreyfus Travocean chartered 2 jack-up barges in order to be able to work in the tidal zone, as well as several tugs / assistance vessels.

The first barge, the JB-119, was equipped with 2 concentric cable parks containing the 2 spare cable lengths, a cable way, a cable chute, tensioners, repair equipment, a diving spread and accommodations for people on board for this repair.

The second barge, the C-714, was equipped with the ROVJET 605, mobilized to bury the repaired cables in areas with sufficient water depth.


The operations lasted approximately 1 month on site and the electrical link returned to service 100% less than 2 months after the damage.

Schedule: March to early May 2018


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Separate Shore-end ASC

Louis Dreyfus Travocean has launched the new portable DP system in Perth, Western Australia, for the installation of a 10km fiber optic shore end.

This system, suitable for barges from 20 to 50m, was mobilized in Fremantle onboard the Robert Purnell, a local platform of 36 x 16 meters.

Cable was surface laid using dynamic positioning and diver assistance to cross some coral reef.

Post lay burial of 1 meter was performed using TO Mobile, a light rovjet of 400hp specifically design to be operated from a small barge.

Final client, Alcatel Submarine Networks, will shortly connect this segment to the remaining of the ASC system (Australia Singapore Cable).

LDTVO team has played in the difficult and unpredictable weather conditions with the famous sea breeze ‘Fremantle Doctor’.

The portable dynamic positioning system, an innovative solution for submarine cable installation, gave entire satisfaction for this project.


Schedule : February-March 2018


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SAFANIYA 5 trenching project

2017-SFNY-2In line with the LTA II project, TravOcean Middle East has been contracted by McDermott to provide personnel and equipment to carry out trenching services for five 15 kV submarine cables on Safaniya 5 field.

All 5 cables are in-field, with no shore approach.

TravOcean Middle East’s TM03 trenching spread has been mobilised on the Intermac 406 cable installation shallow water barge operated by McDermott.

All 5 submarine cables have been trenched at 1m top of cable between October and November 2017 on a total length of 22 km.


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LTAII trenching project


TravOcean Middle East has been contracted by McDermott to provide personnel and equipment to carry out trenching services on four 15 kV submarine cables on Berri Field, one 115 kV and five 15 kV submarine cables on Safaniya field.

All 4 cables installed on Berri field are from shore to platform with 4 shore approaches. All 6 cables installed on Safaniya field are in-field, with no shore approach.

To fulfill client planning requirements, TravOcean Middle East has mobilised two trenching machines fitted with cutting wheel and backfilling system : TM03 onboard Intermac 406 and TM04 onboard Mubarak Supporter shallow water barges. Both barges were fully operated by McDermott.

All 10 submarine cables have been trenched at 1 m top of cables between May and September 2017 on a total length of 31 km (16 km Berri Field / 15 km Safaniya field).

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Inauguration of the new LDTVO’s headquarter


Louis Dreyfus Travocean has recently inaugurated its new headquarters, the construction of which has ended almost one year ago in the new economic zone of ATHELIA 5 in La Ciotat. The new premises occupy 7,000 square meters at the top of the hill, gathering on a unique site 1,600 square meters of office space and a workshop of 600 square meters where we assemble our submarine machines.

This inauguration was also the opportunity to celebrate the 40 years of Louis Dreyfus Travocean and to gather the employees of La Ciotat and Dunkerque, some colleagues from Suresnes, as well as a lot of customers and partners during the sports challenge.



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Oliktok separate shore end for Quintillion Subsea Network in Alaska

Arrivée Barge

Louis Dreyfus Travocean has performed a challenging shore end installation during summer 2017 on the north slope of Alaska for Alcatel Submarine Network. The segment of 16km installed is part of the first fiber optic network around Alaska: the Quintillion Subsea Network.

The timeframe for this installation was reduced to the open water season which is maximum 3 months in this area. The 260’ main lay barge Miller Bay was mobilized in Seattle with a full spread of cable laying equipment, a vibrating plough ESV12 and a set of mooring winches. The barge was brought to Alaska by towing tug Gretchen H and arrived 24th of July and able to start the work as soon as the ice has cleared the area. The barge was assisted by two anchor handling tugs Maggie M and Dana Cruz, and a very shallow water platform composed of a small barge and Alaskan based river tug Sag River.

The installation was completed by mid-august in less than 3 weeks and the targeted burial depth of 2 meters was reached all the way.

This barge has just been demobilized in Seattle.


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Repair of 4 IFA 2000 cables

2017-IFA-1At the beginning of 2017, Louis Dreyfus Travocean repaired on behalf of RTE and National Grid 4 of the 8 submarine cables being part of the IFA2000 electrical link between France and England.

The cables of this link are buried in pairs, and form 4 routes about 1 km apart from one another. The defaults concerned 2 of these cable routes and were located off Folkestone, about 6 km away from the English coast, in 20 to 25 meters of water (LAT).

As soon as the defaults were notified on 25th of November 2016, Louis Dreyfus Travocean mobilized a small boat, the Florelle, which enabled RTE to carry out its tests at sea, as well as a survey vessel, the Bibby Athena, which performed the Multibeam, sonar and TSS survey of the sites of the defaults at the beginning of December 2016.

In addition to a guard ship and a Crew Transfer Vessel based in Dover, Louis Dreyfus Travocean chartered three support vessels with dynamic positioning:

  • – The first one, the Olympic Triton, was mobilized at the end of December 2016 in Dunkerque. Its role was to debury the cables, to prepare them to facilitate the work of the repair vessels, and then to protect the repaired cables. The ROVJET 806, the MED1 machine and a diving spread were installed on board, and the vessel was on site as of the 2nd of January 2017.
  • – The second vessel, the Siem N-Sea, was mobilized in Dunkirk in early January. It was charged with repairing a pair of cables. A cable tank, a cable way, a cable chute, tensioners, a dive spread, a ROV and repair equipment were mobilized onboard this vessel, which also embarked a length of about 1800m of spare cable.
  • – The third vessel, the Normand Flower, mobilized as of the 20th of January 2017, was charging with repairing of the other 2 cables. It was also equipped with a cable tank in which 1600 m of spare cable were loaded, as well as a cable chute, a cable way, tensioners, a ROV and repair equipment.

Offshore repair operations were carried out in parallel on both sites. The first pair of cables was repaired and put back into service on the 17th of February 2017, and  the second pair on the 2nd of March 2017.

2017-IFA-3   2017-IFA-4

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Al Qaffay island, in the UAE, is a private island located 26km off the western coasts of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

At the end of 2016, this island was connected to the mainland electricity grid through a 33kV link. Travocean Middle East performed the submarine cable part of this installation for the account of Al Nasr (contractor) and DEWA (final client).

The submarine cable, 40km long and 14cm of diameter was manufactured in Italy by Prysmian. A freighter, mv Han Yi, transported it to Abu Dhabi where it was transboarded to the 280’ cable laying barge mobilized by Travocean Middle East. In addition to the cable laying equipment, TM04 trenching machine was mobilized onboard this barge. This machine, designed, built and operated by Louis Dreyfus Travocean is able to trench in the hard soils (Calcarenite) of the Arabic Gulf.
In order to guarantee the best progress of the barge and respect the challenging target of our clients to deliver the cable, 3 vessels were mobilized: the Shoalbuster Sea Delta and the 2 multicats Opua and Rebecca S.

The cable installation barge started at the Ras Musharib peninsula close to Sila, where 1600 meters of submarine cable have been pulled to shore in order to reach the substation. After the 40km of cable was laid and buried to the 1 meter target, the operation ended with the beach landing at Al Qaffay. The island representatives have welcomed the arrival of the submarine cable and will soon be able to switch off the generators…

2016-Qaffay 62016-Qaffay 7

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