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LDTVO is moving into its new offices

photobureaux-2Louis Dreyfus Travocean is moving into its new offices in La Ciotat on October 24th 2016.

Please note our new address :

Zone Athélia 5 – 78 avenue des grenadiers – 13600 LA CIOTAT

Mail, phone and fax numbers remain unchanged.

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Ongoing operations for our ROVs LEOPARD and ROVJET810

Our 2 new ROVs LEOPARD were mobilized in May 2016 onboard the SIEM AIMERY (belonging to our customer Siem Offshore Contractors), with our ROVJET 810.

Since its mobilization, ROVJET810 has successfully completed the trenching of 59 cables with a total length of 62 km. The two work ROVs have provided assistance to the vessel’s operations : touchdown monitoring during cable laying, cable pulling in the turbine foundations, or installation of gravel bags.


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Sports challenge for Louis Dreyfus Travocean

From 27 until 30 May 2016, the Louis Dreyfus TravOcean’s Sailing Club will participate in his first race, the 37th Petrol Cup sailing competition.

The 16 crews from French Oil and Gas companies will compete in the harbor of Marseille and around the Frioul Island.

The Louis Dreyfus TravOcean’s crew will consist of 9 persons who will make rotations to fill the 7 positions onboard their sailboat “Grand Surprise”.

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Fitzroy Darwin project in Australia

2016-Darwin-3In February 2016, Louis Dreyfus Travocean performed for Alcatel Lucent Submarine Networks Ltd a Direct shore end landing in Darwin for the Fitzroy project.

Darwin is located in Australia, Northern Territory. The Fitzroy project is a fiber optic network between Darwin and Port Hedland for the Australian operator Nextgen with links to oil and gas platforms of the North West. Louis Dreyfus Travocean has previously performed the 2x44km separate shore end landing in Port Hedland, Western Australia, late 2015.


Darwin shore end consists of 3 kilometers of fiber optic cable installed from shore to a 20m water depth area through a 1 kilometer directional drill.

The installation was performed using a 16 meters x 7 meters barge locally chartered, fitted with 2 thrustmasters units. The work site, located just outside Darwin Harbor, is characterized by a strong tidal current and changing weather conditions at this time of the year. Crossing the Mindil beach dry sand bar, right on the cable route, was also a challenge for this operation.

Once cable installed on the pre-defined route, the barge has been modified and the TO Mobile trencher was mobilized onboard. TO Mobile is a dedicated crawler fitted with jetting system. This machine is operated from surface and the water jets are powered with a powerful pump on the barge allowing for the 2 meters burial depth target to be reached where the cable was not protected by HDD.

Schedule : January/February 20162016-Darwin-4

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Sea Lion Rostock project

2015-Rostock-2Louis Dreyfus Travocean has been contracted by Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks Ltd to perform the laying and burial operations of 2 sections of fibre optic cable for the Sea Lion system linking Santahamina in Finland to Rostock in Germany in the Baltic sea.
The two portions of cables are the following:

  • Rostock, Germany, 9.7 Km: separate shore-end, laying, post burial and installation of articulated pipes.
  • Gedser Bank, Denmark, 8.2 Km: laying and post burial in low water depths

Louis Dreyfus Travocean performed the following activities:

  • Engineering and project management
  • Mobilisation in Dunkirk of ROVJET404 onboard the vessel DPV Supporter
  • Offshore operational phase:
    • Loading of the 2 lengths of cable in Calais
    • Transit to Gedser Bank, Denmark / Calibrations and tests
    • Installation and burial on Gedser Bank’s site
    • Transit to Rostock
    • Installation, protection and burial on Rostock’s site
    • Transit to Dunkirk
  • Demobilisation of equipment
  • Project documentation and final report including depth of burial for each section of cable.

Schedule : November 2015 to January 2016

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BBG FUJAIRAH – Direct shore end in UAE

2016-Fujairah-4BBG is a 9 Segment repeatered cable system that routes from Malaysia to the UAE with a number of landings in Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Oman and UAE.

TravOcean Middle East has been awarded the contract by Alcatel Lucent to provide beach support services for the landing and cable protection works at Fujairah shore end (UAE).

The scope of work was:

  • To perform preparatory works on the beach.
  • To assist the main lay vessel for cable pulling operations – pull the cable from the Main Lay Vessel to the BMH.
  • To perform a post lay diver swim video survey.
  • To bury the cable on the beach as specified using excavators on sand conditions.
  • To install artic pipes and bury the cable at 2m target depth by jetting in soft soil conditions where feasible.
  • To install earth plates systems.
  • To perform a post-burial diver swim video survey.
  • To document the as-laid/as buried position of the cables as required.

These operations were performed between 31st December 2015 and 12th January 2016.

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SEAEYE LEOPARD-SAABLouis Dreyfus Travocean has recently ordered two SAAB SEAEYE LEOPARDS.

Read more :  What’s New – Louis Dreyfus TravOcean order two Saab Seaeye Leopards

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ILE D’YEU – Installation of 2 sections of cable

The Ile d’Yeu (Vendée, France) is supplied with electricity from the mainland by three cables, called YEU3, YEU4 and YEU5.

YEU3 and YEU4 cables have been mechanically damaged, and ERDF has decided to replace two sections, 3000m on YEU3 and 1800m on YEU4.

ERDF has awarded Louis Dreyfus Travocean for the management of the cable drums, the on-site transport and the installation of submarine cables on 2 km from the shore.

These new sections have been installed between the 19th and the 24th of September 2015 : each section of cable has been floated and towed up by boats along the route, the floats have been removed and the cable has sunk into its final position on the bottom.

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FITZROY Port Hedland project in Australia

The FITZROY project is the installation of the North West Cable System that forms a key component to one of Australia’s largest nationwide fibre optic networks (17,000 km), developed by Nextgen Group to provide ultra-speed data networking to the northern and western regions of Australia.

Louis Dreyfus Travocean has been awarded by Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks Ltd to perform 2 x 44 km separate shore end landings located in Port Hedland. A second landing will be performed in 2016 in Darwin as part of this contract.

Cable installation works in Port Hedland took place between the 9th of September and the 5th of October 2015. A cable laying barge and two tugs were mobilized in Onslow to perform both separate shore end landings.

LDTVO performed the following activities :

  • Mobilisation of TM04 trencher spread onboard the barge.
  • Loading of approx. 90 km of cable onboard the barge.
  • Double 44 km cable installation with simultaneous laying and trenching burial at 0.5 m (both cables in the same trench) in hard soil conditions / Calcarenite from the HDD (2 x 1,000m) entrances to the 10 m depth contour.
  • Surface lay with a minimum 5 m separation between both cables until the 15 m depth contour (at KP 44.604).
  • Installation of 200 m of articulated pipes.
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ABU ALI trenching project

2015-AbuAli-2TRAVOCEAN Middle East has been contracted by Mc DERMOTT ARABIA COMPANY Ltd to provide the Cable Trenching Personnel and Equipment to carry out the trenching of 2 x 230 kV cables from Abu Ali Island to Khursaniyah fields shore in the Arabian Gulf.

Louis Dreyfus Travocean TM03 trenching spread has been mobilized on the INT 406 cable installation barge in Jebel Ali in March 2015.

The trenching operations were performed between April and June 2015 and a total of 2 x 5.9 km of cable was buried, in maximum 11 m water depth LAT.

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