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Fitzroy Darwin project in Australia

2016-Darwin-3In February 2016, Louis Dreyfus Travocean performed for Alcatel Lucent Submarine Networks Ltd a Direct shore end landing in Darwin for the Fitzroy project.

Darwin is located in Australia, Northern Territory. The Fitzroy project is a fiber optic network between Darwin and Port Hedland for the Australian operator Nextgen with links to oil and gas platforms of the North West. Louis Dreyfus Travocean has previously performed the 2x44km separate shore end landing in Port Hedland, Western Australia, late 2015.


Darwin shore end consists of 3 kilometers of fiber optic cable installed from shore to a 20m water depth area through a 1 kilometer directional drill.

The installation was performed using a 16 meters x 7 meters barge locally chartered, fitted with 2 thrustmasters units. The work site, located just outside Darwin Harbor, is characterized by a strong tidal current and changing weather conditions at this time of the year. Crossing the Mindil beach dry sand bar, right on the cable route, was also a challenge for this operation.

Once cable installed on the pre-defined route, the barge has been modified and the TO Mobile trencher was mobilized onboard. TO Mobile is a dedicated crawler fitted with jetting system. This machine is operated from surface and the water jets are powered with a powerful pump on the barge allowing for the 2 meters burial depth target to be reached where the cable was not protected by HDD.

Schedule : January/February 20162016-Darwin-4