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SAFANIYA 6 Project

2019 Safaniya 6 LDTVO

TravOcean Middle East LLC (TVOME) has been contracted by MCDERMOTT to provide the Trenching Personnel and Services and carry out submarine cables, flexibles and umbilicals burial services on SAFANIYA field (phase 6).

The SAFANIYA field trenching scope of work (SOW) involved burial from shore approach at 0m LAT up to a water depth of 7.5m LAT.

Trenching works were performed by the Trenching Machine TM03 at minimum 1m burial depth top of product.

For this project, TM03 could have been fitted with 3 different tools depending on the soil conditions and products to be buried:

  1. Cutting Wheel with layer Radius 4m
  2. Cutting Wheel with layer Radius 2.4m
  3. Jetting tool with layer Radius 4m

TM03 spread was supported by the INT 406 fully operated by the client with very shallow draft suitable to work in very shallow water depth.

Schedule: March to July 2019

Scope of work was including the trenching of 10 products.

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