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Sea Lion Rostock project

2015-Rostock-2Louis Dreyfus Travocean has been contracted by Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks Ltd to perform the laying and burial operations of 2 sections of fibre optic cable for the Sea Lion system linking Santahamina in Finland to Rostock in Germany in the Baltic sea.
The two portions of cables are the following:

  • Rostock, Germany, 9.7 Km: separate shore-end, laying, post burial and installation of articulated pipes.
  • Gedser Bank, Denmark, 8.2 Km: laying and post burial in low water depths

Louis Dreyfus Travocean performed the following activities:

  • Engineering and project management
  • Mobilisation in Dunkirk of ROVJET404 onboard the vessel DPV Supporter
  • Offshore operational phase:
    • Loading of the 2 lengths of cable in Calais
    • Transit to Gedser Bank, Denmark / Calibrations and tests
    • Installation and burial on Gedser Bank’s site
    • Transit to Rostock
    • Installation, protection and burial on Rostock’s site
    • Transit to Dunkirk
  • Demobilisation of equipment
  • Project documentation and final report including depth of burial for each section of cable.

Schedule : November 2015 to January 2016