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LDTVO was involved in the installation of the 2 Tannat and Malbec systems that connect Argentina to Brazil.
Two Pre lay grapnel run and route clearance campaigns were carried out on systems between 15 m and 1,000 m deep between June and August 2020.
The operation was carried out by Atlantic Dama an Argentinian Supply.

Despite the difficult sanitary context, LDTVO also achieved the 2 separate landings at Las Toninas in Argentina.

A Uruguayan DP supply has been mobilized in Montevideo to carry out this operation:
• Installation material: cable yard, LCE, Cable tray
• Burial material: ROVJET 404.

The work area was hit by a heavy swell throughout the project as well as a strong transverse current accentuating the difficulty of the project.
The lay-in and burial systems were both about 7 km long. The required burial depth was 1.5 m.

The project was successfully completed in November 2020.

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