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The HAVHINGSTEN System (fibre optic)

LDTVO Blackpool UK optic fibre

The Havhingsten System is an FO system that connects Ireland, UK and Denmark.
On behalf of Alcatel Submarine Networks, LDTVO made 3 separate landings on this system:
• 2 x in Denmark, in Houstrup and Gammelgab Strand
• 1 x in UK Blackpool

For these three landings, Naval Support chose the Nora B unit, a DP tug that had already proven its high efficiency for this type of project earlier this same year.
In addition to a cable laying system made up of an LCE, a cable park and a cable tray, the TO mobile NV burial spread was mobilized on board.

In Denmark, the 2 landings were carried out through an HDD followed by an installation of approximately 5 km. The required burial was 2.0 m on these 2 cables and the NV mobile TO showed complete satisfaction.
The project was completed in June 2020.

In Blackpool, the 15 km cable was pulled onto the beach and then laid in October 2020. During the landing, the crossing had to be made with an already existing OF system.
The cable was buried to a depth of 1.5 m.

The 2 mobilizations and demobilizations were carried out on the logistics base of LDTVO in Denmark.

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