Turnkey installation projects around the world

  • Route engineering/Procedures preparation
  • Cable loading and transportation from factory to site
  • Laying and burial of all types of cables
  • Work in shallow water
  • Shore ends, direct landings
  • Any remedial work and post burial activity
  • Repair and maintenance of submarine links

Oil and Gas Industry

  • Installation of submarine cables and umbilicals between platforms
  • Pipelines post burial in shallow water
  • J-tube pull-in

Offshore windfarms

  • Installation of export cables between mainland and offshore windfarms
  • Post-burial of infield cables in shallow water

Burial system development

  • Design and construction/modification, according to each project
  • Trenchers (chain/wheel), vibro-ploughs, jetting and dredging tools
  • Operations in all soil conditions
  • Depths of burial up to 3 meters (standard conditions)