2020 Partnership with UXO Control

Offshore campaign to identify and eliminate unexposed ammunition (UXO) on the site of the Saint Brieuc wind farm, in France.

Client : Ailes Marines (owned by Iberdrola)

Maritime resources mobilized:

Ship: Wind of Pride
ROVs: Main and secondary

a) The main Underwater Robot (ROV) operated from Wind of Pride during operations is the TRITON XLX200HP
b) Secondary ROV: ROV C 113 (LDTVO)

Sequence of operations:

• The vessel arrives on site;
• A dynamic positioning test is performed;
• The ship arrives in position on the first target identified by the Ailes Marines project leader;
• An ROV is put into the water to carry out a so-called “visual” inspection;

• An identification and classification of the target is carried out on board the vessel:

o If the target is identified as an explosive device, the CROSS is called directly and the instructions given by the authorities will be followed by the ship;
o If the target is identified as non-explosive, it can be hit by the ROV to allow its full identification and then moved by a grapple a few tens of meters out of the installation corridors if it can hinder the smooth running of the installation work of the Saint Brieuc Bay wind farm according to the instructions of the Ailes Marines project leader.
• The operation is repeated for each target identified upstream by the Ailes Marines project leader.